Amero by November 2009!?


GLENN: All right, Dr. Lynch, thank you very much. We will talk to you again. We're going to look -- we're going to look up some of the things that you said. I will tell you that there is something on the whole Mex-Ameri-Canada thing and there is something also on the dollar. It is -- I mean, it is almost like we just talked about it a minute -- it's almost like it has been designed to --

DR. LYNCH: Yeah, this is the design. Let me just say something, Glenn.

GLENN: Real quick, real quick.

DR. LYNCH: This year this time we will really need another currency.

GLENN: Next year at this -- Stu, write this down. Next year.

DR. LYNCH: About this time, at the end of October we will be dealing -- the greenback will be gone. I'll just say that.

GLENN: Next year at this time. Dr. Lynch, you just made quite a claim.

DR. LYNCH: I did.

GLENN: You said a year from today.

DR. LYNCH: Well, I wouldn't say today. I might say by November 1st of next year, before Thanksgiving of next year, I would say by today -- if I were to make a prediction, this is what I would make.

GLENN: Okay, you make it because I've got consequences on this prediction.

DR. LYNCH: Now, if I lose, if I lose, I owe you one case of good champagne.

GLENN: No, you don't. I don't drink. I'm an alcoholic.

DR. LYNCH: If I win, you owe me champagne --

GLENN: No, sir. Excuse me, I set the currency is I on the program.

DR. LYNCH: Okay.

GLENN: So here is -- no, I've got it. You make your prediction and I'll tell you.

DR. LYNCH: Within a year from today more or less, Mexico will change their currency from the peso to the Amero which will reestablish a new Mexican currency. By October --

GLENN: Let's make it by January 1st of 2009. Is that right? --

DR. LYNCH: It will be 2008, yeah, 2008.

GLENN: By January 1st -- no, no, January 1st, 2009, if they haven't changed their currency, if we haven't changed our currency and we are on the new Amero, here's what you have to do.

STU: Is it the peso or the dollar?

DR. LYNCH: Wait a minute. The peso will go to the dollar. They will then follow suit because of the change of currency, America will change to the Amero, losing its beloved greenbacks.

STU: America will do that by when?

DR. LYNCH: By November 1st of next year.

STU: November 1st, 2008.

GLENN: Got it. So here it is. On November 1st if I still have a greenback that is the government-issued tender, you come on this program and you must deny the existence of the Bohemian Grove.


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