Real Amero Smuggled out of Denver?

Contrary to public opinion, Bush is not a stupid man. He may be reckless, he may be a bad communicator, he may even be as ignorant as everyone say he is, but he’s not stupid. So far he has managed to convince almost one third of this nation that Iran is a clear and present danger to the people of the United States. He has waged a propaganda war against Iran and has made them seem like our worst adversary. There are many Democrats and Progressives that also believe it. [...] The North American Union, think that it’s a “tin-hat” issue? Think again. The Denver Mint is already producing “Amero’s”. This is highly guarded intelligence. The government is fostering the dissolution of The United States in favor of a “North American Union”. Have the American people voted on this? Has it even been debated? You can see pictures of an “AMERO” that was smuggled out of Denver with the “D” clearly stamped on its face.

Source: OpEdNews.com

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