...sit down and shut up

President Bush doesn't need censure. His inaction regarding open borders in wartime raise questions that need investigation.
He's ignored the demands of Americans living in the border "war zone," while calling concerned Americans "vigilantes" and worse. He can't convince me Americans' protection is a priority by leaving our back door open to terrorists, drug cartels and gangs. Homeland Security is a joke when decent American kids are executed in a politically correct sanctuary city (Newark) by criminal aliens. Their blood is on the hands of all who support open borders and in both parties, from the top down to those who refuse to enforce the law. Rumors of the secret "Security and Prosperity Partnership" are surfacing, which if true will destroy our republic a la the European Union. As with the E.U., plans begin with customs, then a common market, monetary and economic union, and a single currency, Amero, I believe the Heritage Foundation, the Eagle Forum and Lou Dobbs before the White House. Americans have been told, we'll "see you at the bill signing," so sit down, shut up and pay up, because "we don't need no stinkin'" borders or laws.

by Judy Bellin, postcrescent.com

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