The Constitution Fair's 'John Birch Zone'

You had a booth from the ACLU just down the way from the John Birch Society, which was right next to the Maricopa County Democratic Party booth, which was next to a booth that contained a sign - scribbled on cardboard - for the Valley Business Owners organization.

No one from that group was in the booth, of course. A perfect metaphor for their behavior in our town.

You could learn a lot there, too. Did you know, for example, that NAU doesn't always mean Northern Arizona University? In John Birch world, the letters stand for North American Union, something Bush has cooked up with Canada and Mexico that will lead to one giant country someday, complete with something called the "amero," which will take the place of our dollar. Or at least that's what the Birchers believe. Hey, they even have a color brochure, so it must be true.

Source: AZcentral.com

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