Bend it like Bernanke

www.dailyreckoning.comIn this 1982 movie based on a novel by William Styron, a young mother on her way to a Nazi concentration camp had to make a horrible choice - which one of her two children would she send to the gas chamber and which one would she save? This is where the Fed finds itself today. They are on a tightrope between two horrible choices. 1) Raise interest rates to defend the dollar and choke off price inflation. This would cause huge problems with the mountain of debt our country has piled on and would crush housing or 2) lower rates to save the credit bubble, knowing price inflation will increase as the dollar falls and all those cheap imported goods and commodities rise rapidly in price.

The first choice involves playing with a deflationary depression similar to that of the 1930’s as the money supply is held in check and debt defaults skyrocket forcing mass foreclosures, bankruptcies, closings of banks, and widespread loss of capital as the stock markets crash. The latter choice would force the government to inflate and most likely hyper inflate the currency - essentially destroying it as they pay off existing debt with dollars worth far less in terms of purchasing power. Based on comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and current monetary policy, it appears as though the choice will be made to sacrifice the currency. This choice will likely result in hyperinflation and the destruction of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

[...] Even with the level of globalization that we have seen over the last 20 years, these are still very dramatic changes to the current world order. There needs to be a catalyzing event to move toward this world structure. With a Biblical worldview in mind, I would propose the following as a possible scenario. I am not called to speak this as a prophetic word from God.
As the US economy goes through economic and social turmoil, we lose global influence. Politically we are dealing with our own problems and we leave the world stage as a global policeman. Our US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency after being destroyed via hyperinflation. It is replaced by a regional currency similar to the Euro, which includes Canada, the US and Central America. The new “Amero” replaces the US dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican Peso. During this time, the same thing happens to Asian currencies – they consolidate. This takes us one giant step closer to a single world currency. The US hegemony is no longer an issue, and there would instead be 3 or 4 regional world currencies.

As currencies consolidate, so will governments. Witness how the sovereignty of European countries has been destroyed as their governments are slowly consolidated in the name of economic progress. With this step complete, the stage is thus set for a one world currency and one world government.

by Doug Tjaden, September 8, 2007, SilverStockReport.com

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