"We will be a second-class nation."

http://ihillary.blogspot.com/2006/09/un-what-we-have-spawned.html"The media is rigged, politicians do not care, business interests want the truth to disappear and the public is generally in denial.

America has become an empire and with that mantel has come declining moral values, corruption and a political system that refuses to function in behalf of the American people. Our military has to fight wars based on lies for profit, and is over extended in foreign lands. We wallow in fiscal and monetary irresponsibility by our government. We have more problems than Rome did before the barbarians broke down the gates.

We certainly haven’t learned from history because we know so little of history. In addition we think of only tomorrow, not much further. If America doesn’t wake up and use the brains God has given them we’ll not only be broke but we will be a second-class nation."

~Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, Sep 3, 2007

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