Articulating the Popular Rage

The North American Union [is] not a myth, it's not the confused predictions of conspiracy nut-jobs. It's a fact. It is being put into place, under the radar of American oversight, through public-private partnerships (PPP's), trade agreements with the countries to the north and south of the US. In order to lay the financial and physical superstructures (the massive highways and ports projects) the plan includes insidiously dangling before state governments large amounts of cash from foreign investors. Dance to the music, pay the fiddler is all I can say.

One of the projects is to widen highway 287 here in Colorado, and indeed, driving in from Kansas, I turned south on 287, and hit many delays due to the widening of highway 287. It will become part of a Superhighway network, connecting Mexico, the United States And Canada. Many have shrugged off concerns, but the under-lying (double entendre) framework has already been worked out. The federal government disavows any NAU plan, with President Bush deriding any notion of such as recently as the summit held in Canada a few days ago. All public officials who have anything to do with the NAU are lying their asses off. They figure if they can stall long enough, America will go bankrupt, and the globalists can roll out the Amero to "save us". There's gonna be hell to pay, never mind the fiddler.

Source: Americaholds.blogspot.com

thanks to matrixeconomy.com

thanks to matrixeconomy.com

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