Convert them to Ameros

I wonder if this is the incentive one needs to start publishing discussion of the Amero, which will serve the North America SPP (www.spp.gov), similar to how the Euro serves Europe.

A transition to this new currency which replaces the US and Canadian dollar, and the Peso will be possible when the brunt of the value of the world’s economy is shouldered by Europe (in the Euro), and the consumption to create liquidity shouldered by Asia. A trend that is currently under way.

The dollar is clearly destablilised as a result of poor fiscal policy by the Bush’s Neocon administration, overspending while cutting taxes, growing the rich poor gap (subprime crunch), and multiple wars.

Let’s just hope China plays along, and doesn’t start selling off their nearly $1 trillion of reserves before our trade imbalance with them declines. But then again, who’d buy dollars worth pennies, unless you could convert them to Amero’s?

[5] Posted by: Matt, Geneva, Switzerland — 21 September 2007 12:49 pm

Source: International Herald Tribune (One of many valuable comments)

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