A friggin' major deal

Zeitgeist is one of the most fascinating movies ever created - a definite must see movie. It explains a lot of holes in religion, politics and covers many aspects of the society in good detail. It also touches one major future plan for North American countries - Canada, The United States Of America and Mexico - where as the leaders of the three are plotting to join all 3 countries together into what will allegedly be called "The North American Union" and somehow they fail to tell people about it. However, do not take what is said in the film as the truth, instead find out the truth for yourselves. The truth is not told, it is realized. [...] One could say it's the "Think outside of the box" movie. Ignorance is bliss, but the issue of The North American Union and the "Amero" (the currency that should be used within The North American Union) is something that will directly affect all people of North America but somehow, despite major significance, it is barely talked about and major media don't seem to include it in their coverages. If you do proper research you will see that The North American Union is in fact a very real issue set to happen as early as 2010. We're approaching the end of 2007 and we're still not hearing about it from the media. Some people heard rumors, some have their thoughts for or against, but no one really talks loud and clear about it. I mean - it's a friggin major deal. It’s the Union of North America. And no one seems to make any deal out of it. WTF???

Source: albertastars.com

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you about zeit!

Go to video.google.com and check out the whole Zeitgeist movie ... or buy the DVD at Zeitgeistmovie.com

"Zeitgeist is the film most Truthers mention online when they're new to the movement, and it believes in a magical fairyland dominated by evil villains. It's fiction, couched in a few facts—true, too few Americans know that the United States is entering into some disturbing trade agreements with Canada and Mexico, but then too few Americans know anything at all—and it adds up to the worst kind of fear-mongering. A borderless North American mega-nation with a single currency, the Amero? Do they really expect Bush to sneak that past the minutemen in the Southwest?"

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