Pledge allegiance to the flag of UNA!

It is also reported that possibly as soon as January 1, 2010, Canada, the United States, and Mexico will replace all of their national currencies with something called the Amero and the borders will then be merged in order to give birth to a massive superstate. At that time it has been proposed that all American dollar notes and coins will be exchanged at the rate of one U.S. dollar for one Amero. (Source: http://www.vivelecanada.ca/article….060907114430765)

The American people are already taxed to the limit and in fear for their jobs, etc. (One factory after another is relocating to Mexico or other places. Very few products in the stores are American made. And customer service reps for almost every business are now made up of non-Americans overseas in places like Japan and India.) [...] we better hurry with our FAXES, emails, phone calls, and letters.

Source: Glen Gohr's Weblog

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